Back to latest news 21/11 2011

DUAL Launches Specialty Reinsurance Business

Specialist underwriting agency DUAL Corporate Risks has created Tamesis DUAL, a specialty excess of loss reinsurance business.


Tamesis DUAL will be led by Tony Lovett, as Managing Director and will report to Russell Kilpatrick, Executive Chairman of DUAL Corporate Risks.


Tamesis DUAL’s reinsurance business will be supported with capacity from Lloyd’s. Capacity is expected to be finalised at around £30m.


Tamesis DUAL will access global clients writing a specialty excess of loss account. This will be 100% non-proportional excess of loss business, specialising in Marine, Offshore Energy, Onshore Energy/Property, Aerospace, Terrorism and War & Political Risks.


The Tamesis DUAL franchise incorporates a spread of interests coupled with the ability to provide composite multi-class reinsurance cover. It is based on proven experience, excellent broker relations and an established reputation through strong service values.


Tony Lovett has 30 years of experience in the London market and a strong track record of revenue and profit generation. Prior to a year spent working for Ryan Specialty Group, Tony spent over 6 years at Catlin where, over that period, he held the position of senior specialty reinsurance underwriter at Catlin whilst also covering Outwards Reinsurance Manager and Exposure Management roles during that time. Prior to joining Catlin, he spent 17 years at Syndicate 1009, DE Hope & Others.


Russell Kilpatrick said: “This is an exciting development for DUAL Corporate Risks which builds on our international corporate contacts and the excellent reputation of Tony’s reinsurance underwriting expertise. The proposition is targeted at precise lines of business where there are clear opportunities for the best, most experienced underwriters and capacity providers.


Tony Lovett said: “I am extremely pleased to have DUAL and Lloyd’s as partners in the Tamesis venture.  Many of the classes within the Tamesis account, whilst not without their challenges, should show improving condition for underwriters. I look forward to the opportunity to build a reinsurance business that provides value for both DUAL and our capacity provider and to continue the long-held broker and client relationships that have been built over many years.”